Dr. Shawn M. Nicholson

Dr. Shawn M. Nicholson is a revered

 Pastor, Author, Entrepreneur, Community Advocate, and transformative Speaker and Trainer, dedicating over 25 years to uplifting communities and fostering economic prosperity. He is the visionary founder of Beautiful Temple Ministries, Precise Business Group, Inc., and the innovative Pivot to Passion Academy, a membership-based platform that empowers individuals to pivot towards their passion.

As a Servant Leader with a profound commitment to eradicating generational poverty, Dr. Nicholson’s leadership is marked by a deep-seated belief in creating environments that enable individuals and communities to thrive. He offers spiritual guidance, vocational training, and workforce development, particularly within Black and Brown communities, through his extensive organizational initiatives.

Dr. Nicholson’s literary

contributions are both profound and empowering. His works, including “PASS-I-ON® (7 Building Blocks to Sustainability and Success),” “Teach Me How to Pivot (Planning, Innovation, Vision, Outway Threats),” and “Do you see what I’m saying? Walking by faith: Trusting God’s Guidance Every step of the way,” offer invaluable insights into personal growth, spirituality, and leadership. He is also a co-author of the anthology “The Essential Soft Skills for Effective Leadership,” which underscores his expertise in nurturing transformative leaders.

Through his speaking engagements and training workshops, Dr. Nicholson inspires audiences with actionable strategies for success and spiritual fulfillment. The Pivot to Passion Academy stands as a testament to his commitment to activating passion, potential, and purpose in others.

Join Dr. Nicholson on this journey to transform lives and communities worldwide. Together, we can craft a future where everyone has the opportunity to achieve economic prosperity and realize their true passion.

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